What Lies Herein

Hi there. My name is Audrey, and this is where I post my original short fiction (and the occasional poem). My writing is often weird, sometimes magical, and usually at least a little bit gay. I hope you like it! Advertisements

8:51 PM

The moon is a blade A knife that cuts the sky As I would have it cut me And below it the sun dies Or is dead already And moths flicker like sparks Beneath a streetlight.


The noise of it fizzing in your head Always too loud Too much To be drowned out by anything And your neck is cold now and there is sweat there on your skin And outside it is very dark And in the room nothing moves except for you And nothing makes a sound Not outwardly … More Low


Is it strange that it should feel like waking to find that the face in the mirror has remembered how to smile? If sleep is a kind of death than I have lived in Hades. I have been entombed in treacherous flesh and felt the weight of sand above me and the weight of nothing … More Waking


Sara woke on the eve of her father’s funeral tangled in a mess of sweaty sheets. The room was dark still, a faint, gray glow from behind her blinds the only sign that morning was near. She flung the sheets off and brushed the lank hair from her face, fumbled about for her phone. 6:15. … More 21